Renewable Energy Facilities

Renewable Energy Facilities include solar, wind turbines and bio-energy facilities. The Municipality of Bluewater is entitled to provide comment on the ‘Municipal Consultation Form’ that is included in a proponent’s application to the Ministry of the Environment for Renewal Energy Approval.

The Municipality is required to make a copy of each proponent’s reports available for inspection by the public at specific times in the process. Anyone may visit our office to review the reports.

As at March 1, 2012, in the Municipality of Bluewater, three Commercial Wind Energy Projects have been offered FIT contracts by the Province of Ontario and have issued specific Reports.

Nextera Energy Canada, ULC: 
Bluewater Wind Energy Centre – to be owned and operated by Varna Wind Inc.

All available reports and plans can be accesssed at the following website: 
Nextera Energy Canada - Bluewater Project

Goshen Wind Energy Centre
All available reports and plans can be accesssed at the following website:
Nextera Energy Canada- Goshen Project
Northland Power Inc.:

Grand Bend Wind Farm – to be owned and operated by Grand Bend Wind Farm Limited Partnership

All available reports and plans can be accesssed at the following website:
Grand Bend Wind Farm

Renewable Energy Facilities are legislated by the Province of Ontario under the Green Energy Act, 2009, S.O. 2009, c. 12 , Sched. A .

A copy of the Act can be accessed at the following website:
Green Engery Act, 2009

Ontario Regulation 359/09 sets out additional requirements.

For more information, please contact:

Ministry of the Environment
Renewable Energy Facilitation Office, Renewable Energy Approval Unit
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A
Phone:  416-314-8001 or 1-800-461-6290
Fax:  416-314-8452


Ministry of Energy
Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch
Phone:  1-877-440-7336

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